The definition of due diligence according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is “the care that a reasonable person exercises to avoid harm to other persons or their property,” and also “research and analysis of a company or organization done in preparation for a business transaction.”

Although these definitions of due diligence certainly apply to business and real estate transactions, mergers and purchase of securities, I believe that due diligence is much more and ought to play a larger role in our lives. When we wake up every morning, our every action throughout the day should be executed with diligence, whether it is researching new and faster ways to work, analyzing techniques to increase your productivity, reading educational material that will help you hone your skills in your industry or making family decisions that could be paramount years down the road.

Periodically in our Hattiesburg community, I have the honor of filling needs for certain civil, community or religious projects and groups. Before I commit to volunteering, I research the group or organization, taking into account the scope of what they will require of me. Being diligent in my knowledge of a task allows me to give my all and my best.

If we are willing to incorporate due diligence into our everyday lives and make a commitment to apply it every day, it will not only transform us into better people, families and organizations, but will also make our lives more efficient and less stressful.

So I challenge you today to start implementing this exercise right away. First, take a few minutes to write down several goals or projects that you can research and plot out ahead of time. Then put steps in place to accomplish these goals, focusing on each individually. Challenge yourself to continue working on these items and see them to completion. After you feel comfortable with these due diligence processes, write several more down, refining your process through repetition. Soon you will find your way to a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

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