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As I earn the honor of being my clients’ confidant, I champion their goals and navigate them through obstacles until we achieve their desired outcome.



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  • What is Political Risk Insurance?

    From a broad perspective, insurance is defined as a financial device to hedge against a future potential loss. Investors use insurance as a technique to mitigate a variety of factors that could (and catastrophically) negatively impact an investment or an asset; like a company, a person, or even a nation. Political risk insurance guards an investment’s […]
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  • Risk Management Shouldn’t Be “All Chalk”

    With March Madness finally behind us, it’s interesting to look back on the NCAA Basketball Tournament. There were certainly a few surprises along the way and throughout the season. These same types of surprises are the reason even longshots can make it to the top of the bracket and even play in the big game. […]
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  • What is Forced Placed Insurance?

    If you take a mortgage on your home, your lender will undoubtedly require that you have home insurance to protect this investment. In the event anything happens to your home, i.e. natural disaster, fire, flood, etc., your insurance will cover repair or replacement costs. This saves you from having to pay these costs out-of-pocket. Ideally, […]
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